Butterfly Photo & Video Galleries - Index

This index provides a guide to the various butterfly photo and video galleries, arranged into groups as shown below. The photo galleries provide many high-resolution butterfly photographs, mainly taken in Hampshire by myself. The galleries can be accessed using the 'Galleries' submenu above.

Species Photo Galleries

The Species Photo Galleries are arranged according to butterfly family. They include higher resolution photos of the images appearing on the species pages.

Recent Season Highlights Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries providing my selection of highlights from the previous two seasons.

Current Season Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries providing high resolution photos from the earlier phases of current season (excluding the latest photos). The latest photos can be accessed directly from the main menu or by clicking here.

Butterfly Videos Gallery

The Butterfly Videos Gallery contains 4 short videos showing butterfly behaviour recorded both from visits in Hampshire and further afield in UK. These are quite historic now, since I have focussed in recent years on still photos, but interesting nevertheless.

Butterfly Visit Photo Diaries Gallery

Finally, the Butterfly Visit Photo Diaries Gallery contains 4 slideshows from my visits to butterfly sites showing both habitat and butterfly photos with captions, as an informal visit record.