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Hampshire Butterfly Species - Flight Periods

The chart below provides a guide to the typical flight periods of Hampshire's butterflies. In compiling the chart, I have aimed to take account of the trend in recent years towards earlier flight periods, probably resulting from climate change. Nevertheless it can only provide a guide, since variations will occur due to:

  • Seasonal fluctuations. Flight periods can vary by a week or so from year to year as a result of natural seasonal fluctuations, and even longer in the case of spring butterflies.

  • The ecology of individual sites. The emergence and resulting flight periods of species which are found in more than one habitat type (eg downland, heathland or woodland clearings) can vary by at least one week (and sometimes more than two weeks). Variations of a few days occur even from site to site of the same type.

  • The size of a colony. Smaller than average colonies tend to have shorter flight periods.

The two-tone graphic format is intended to depict the profile of the flight period from the start of emergence (orange), though to its peak (red), followed by a gradual tail-off (orange). The chart should be read in conjunction with the species descriptions and in particular 'When To See' for additional contextual information about flight periods.

Male Dark Green Fritillary Pitt Down Jun
Wall Brown Portsdown Hill.jpg
Purple Emperor male 8.jpg
Purple Emperor flight period website0014
Duke of Burgundy Top priority species fl
Duke of Burgundy Top priority species fl

Top and Priority species in Hampshire

Duke of Burgundy

Purple Emperor

Purple Emperor Flying time  Website Map0

Wall Brown

Wall Brown Website map0003.jpg
Wall Brown Flight times Website Map.jpg


Grayling Website Map0010.jpg
Grayling  Website Map.jpg
Pearl-Bordered Fritillary New Forest May
Pearl-bordered Fritillary Website Map000
Pearl-Bordered Fritillary Website flight

Pearl-Bordered Fritillary

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary flight t
Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary flight t

Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary now probably extinct in Hampshire

Marsh Fritillary Website Map.jpg
Marsh Fritillary  Website Map0012.jpg

Marsh Fritillary

Dark Green Fritillary Website Map 2.jpg
Dark Green Fritillary Website Map.jpg

Dark Green Fritillary

Glanville Fritillary Website Map 2.jpg
Glanville Fritillary Website Map.jpg

Glanville Fritillary

Male Adonis Blue.JPG
Adonis Blue Website Map0012.jpg
Adonis Blue Website Map  20005.jpg

Adonis Blue

Small Blue Kevin photo 2.JPG
Small Blue Website Map 20004.jpg
Small Blue Website Map0020.jpg

Small Blue


Silver-Studded Blue

Silver-Studded Blue Website Map
Silver-Studded Blue Website Map0022.jpg
Brown Hairstreak Website Map 20012.jpg
Brown Hairstreak Website Map0013.jpg

Brown Hairstreak

White-letter Hairstreak

White Letter Hairstreak Website Map
White Letter Hairstreak Website Map.jpg
Dingy Skipper Oxen May 2015.jpg
Dingy Skipper Website Map0006.jpg
Dingy Skipper Website Map0025.jpg

Dingy Skipper

Grizzled Skipper Website Map 10005.jpg
Grizzled Skipper Website Map0025.jpg

Grizzled Skipper

Silver Spotted Skipper Website Map 20012
Silver Spotted Skipper Website Map 10012

Silver-Spotted Skipper

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