2021 Hampshire Nature Notes Blog 

Happy New Year to all my readers

January 2nd 2021 - Eastney Beach, with it being Saturday I strolled down to Eastney beach where there were lots of people getting out and about , obviously getting exercise because of Covid. I saw at least a dozen to two dozen Turnstones out along the pebbled shore line quite close to the waters edge. I sat very close to them and they were obviously quite tame, and used to people strolling up and down the beach. The weather was just perfect, with no wind and the sun was just breaking through the clouds. They patrolled up and down the beach and then took off, and then landed again a bit further down the beach.


Covid -19 Restrictions

 January 7th  & 8th 2021 - with the Covid crises in full swing I am obviously limited to where I can walk so I'm pretty much limited to Southsea and my back garden. Yesterday there were a lot of Brent Geese in the fields around Southsea, especially the football pitches hundreds of them all nibbling away at the grass. Today being a lot colder I put out the bird feeders in the back garden as soon as they were full of nuts the Goldfinches soon arrived with multitudes of Sparrows. There has been the odd Robin looking for tit-bits on the ground, and a few days ago I had a lovely Wren flying about. The first time I had seen one of these birds in the garden.

January 17th 2021 A short stroll around my neck of the woods today, as usual it mainly birds being seen. Along the Milton foreshore as the tide was coming in,

there were lots of Brent Geese  and where the sun was out and no wind there was a nice reflection of these birds as they swam around the inlet. There were plenty of Black-headed gulls on the wing, and Mute swans swam along the shore line eating scraps of food as they were being fed by passers-by. Starlings and Sparrows were busy in the hedgerows, and there was a lonesome Cormorant sat on a red height marker, enjoying the sunshine.