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Gallery - Butterfly Videos

Gallery containing 4 short butterfly videos recorded from visits to butterfly sites in Hampshire and elsewhere in UK.

Purple Emperor - Bentley Wood

This short video shows a male Purple Emperor butterfly probing the gravel track for minerals/moisture and showing glimpses of the purple sheen on its wings. It was recorded in Bentley Wood on the Hants/Wilts border.

Pearl-bordered Fritillary - New Forest

The Pearl-bordered Fritillary is the UK's first fritillary butterfly to emerge each spring, often during late April in southern England. It was recorded in the New Forest.

Swallowtail - Strumpshaw Fen, Norfolk

The Swallowtail butterfly is arguably the UK's most exotic butterfly species. This short video shows several Swallowtails basking in the sunshine and feeding voraciously from flowers. It was recorded near Strumpshaw Fen in Norfolk.

Brown Hairstreak - Shipton Bellinger

The Brown Hairstreak is one of Hampshire's rarest and most elusive butterflies. This short video shows a female Brown Hairstreak, firstly basking with open wings, then crawling through young blackthorn and displaying egg-laying behaviour. It is not clear if any eggs were actually laid. It was recorded near Shipton Bellinger in NW Hampshire.

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